Texas Health Benefits, Inc.

Strategic Benefit Services…One Size Does Not Fit All

THB is your benefits consultant, not just your broker.  Health requirements can be tricky and we ensure that you understand each plan.  Retirement plan testing can be tedious and overwhelming, we assist by drafting communication to employees and communicate filing deadlines.  We make benefits simple for you.

Look Beyond Your BenefitsIt’s More Than Just Enroll and Go

It doesn’t stop at enrollment.  After enrollment you have a legal duty to follow COBRA/State Continuation laws, as well as ensure enrollments and terminations are done on a timely basis to avoid further expense.  THB will assist you with these administrative duties.

THB assists with 401(k) annual enrollment meetings to satisfy your fiduciary duty, as well as consult with employees one on one with regard to retirement planning, loan applications, and withdrawals.